Privacy Policy

To provide a gratifying business experience, a firm must be honest with its operations and not hide anything that directly or indirectly impacts consumers. ExoticJacket developed this page to be open to consumers. Before choosing a jacket, you should know how our privacy rules influence your personal information.

If you’re wondering why a leather jacket business requires your personal information, it’s so we can complete your order. We won’t acquire your private or sensitive data without your permission. Our operations will always ask for your data and safeguard it in our database using the latest cybersecurity standards.

Your data is protected and won’t be shared, so have no fear. Also, our organization respects the international business rules given by your government. We obey the law.

How We Record Data

Each customer’s activity on our platform helps us improve our services. Our powerful AI algorithms automatically record all user activity, which we evaluate to determine the performance of our marketing and sales campaigns, site modifications, and user interface. We simply need your name, gender, age, etc. and won’t use this data illegally.

We need your personal data:

  • If you’re wondering why we require sensitive data, see our Privacy Policies. We retain the right to collect and use your personal data to improve our online operations.
  • Customers’ buying histories are important since they help us determine which hoodie collections, they like most. This reveals their purchasing habit and mindset. This data lets us provide the finest offers and product selections to our customers.
  • The personal information we gather, and store improves the purchasing experience. Our systems preserve precise information so we can enhance their experience and give compensation. We will always ask for your personal info and never get it illegally.
  • Please realize that we solely save personal data to perform transactions or improve shoppers’ experiences.

Even though we work around the clock to answer your queries, please try to understand that we have to reply to hundreds of emails every day. Which is why it can take up to 12 hours for us to get back to you.