ExoticJacket is a name of trust and identity that represents quality, value, and complete customer satisfaction. We acquired this reputation in the genuine jackets business by continually giving the highest quality and after-sales services to all of our clients. Buyers who make purchases from our organization are assured to get precisely what they bought within the period specified. We believe that what you see is what you get! We take pleasure in always getting back to customers and assisting them with difficulties. It is our routine to remain in touch with our purchasers and inform them at regular intervals so that they are constantly aware of the status of their delivery. We set terms and conditions and rules that govern our operations to better serve our consumers. These regulations guarantee that we always provide consumers with authentic leather jackets while never sacrificing quality.

Age Restriction

We aim to be accountable and ethically right to our consumers. As a result, we only allow consumers aged 18 and over to make genuine leather jacket orders on our site. We do not allow minors or teens to make orders on our website to set a parental lock and control over the transactions.

Personal Information

We value our customer’s privacy and would never engage in actions that might jeopardize their personal information. The confidential information you input on our platform is protected because we strive to provide our buyers with an utterly secure purchasing experience. Know that any personal information you provide on our site is secure and will never be exploited. Customers should bear in mind that they just need to submit their precise complete names, contact information (phone number and email), and transaction details to make and confirm their purchase. We have a team of IT specialists who monitor the security of our platform and keep it up to date with the most recent cyber security. No one else will ever have access to our customer’s sensitive information.

Payment Services

Our items may be purchased using credit/debit cards or PayPal accounts. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Money Order, Western Union, American Express, and Wire Transfers for the convenience of our clients.

Shipping Services

We have placed a high value on our shipping services and have made certain that the shipment partners we choose have the ability to respect and achieve deadlines. Our shipping method allows our delivery partners to deliver leather jacket orders to our client’s doorsteps on time. We make no compromises and do not charge any additional shipping fees; nonetheless, rates may vary depending on the location. We have good news for our US customers: We provides free shipping on all US orders!

Delivery Services

Shipping without a dependable delivery method is useless. As a result, the delivery partners we’ve recruited to our team are nothing short of experts. They employ the latest delivery techniques to guarantee that each delivery succeeds. As soon as the cargo arrives, our delivery personnel begin distributing the items to their proper consumers while ensuring no harm occurs to or in the box. We only do our best to guarantee that our deliveries arrive on schedule every time.


The cost of the product and service is also an essential factor in consumer satisfaction. We strive to provide collections and goods that are less expensive yet of higher quality than our rivals. You will not find better prices anywhere else.

Return and Exchange

Our clients have the option of starting a conversation with a representative to submit a complaint and qualify for our return and exchange policy. Please review the return and exchange procedures to further understand how consumers might qualify for this option.

24/7 Support – <12 Hours Response Time

Nothing irritates customers more than not receiving quick replies from the businesses they make their purchases from. As a result, our specialists work around the clock to guarantee that all of our client’s questions are answered within 12 hours. We simply ask that our loyal customers be patient with us since we get a large number of emails from all around the globe.